My first post

Hi guys,

Sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday but thought I could just update you with what has gone on so far.

So yesterday was quite a good day in the sense of finance… we’ll sort of,

Since I was 20 I am now 23 I had a loan as my motorbike was stolen 5 days after buying it so I had to pay off finance and insurance as even thought the bike was only 5 days old the value had dropped quite a lot and also was a bad timing as it was close to Christmas and also had some other things I needed to get and also buying a new car to replace the motorbike,

As that car was cheap and kept breaking down and finally the engine had blew on it, so I had no money and needed a car so had to finance a car.

Now since then my income has changed and started falling behind in payments on both of these which I will get into in another post,

Both of these are now with debt recovery and yesterday I had called both companies and set up payment arrangements with them and have decided to give the car to the finance debt,

I don’t mind this as not too interested in having a newer car and I love the style of a old car and will be looking for a new cheap car to use for when I give the car to them.


My wife has been having quite alt if issues lately regarding her anxiety and been getting a lot of panic attacks which has makes her not want to go out or even in the car this has affected her and makes her upset as she loves the outdoors,

Well as we moved here in July we haven’t changed to the local GP to register.

So today was a big move for her as she walked with me to the surgery and we got the registration forms and walked back,

After this once we got back we needed to take money out for me to get a bit of shopping in but her card needed to be closed and a new card to be sent out so we needed to go on a 15 minute car ride to the closest area to take the money out, this did put a lot of strain on her and started to get panicky and upset thankfully she was great and got back to the house and had a chance to mediate and relax,


I’m not too sure what else has really gone on but if there is anything I have missed I will put on the end of tomorrow’s post,

Thank you for reading!


Get to know me

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Hi my name is Lloyd

Welcome to my blog of my life which I decided I would like to document and keep track of and maybe get to know some people during a hard time in my life.

I’m new to this and have never done something like this before so I will learn to get better.

I’m 23 and married and I have 5 cats and 1 dog.

The cats are Uno (oldest) Milo and Bella and my 2 youngest is ray and Guss and my dog is Mason he is a border collie and he is 3 months and 2 weeks (14 weeks)

Currently I am not in the best place (mentally or financially) but my wife helps me just being there and also reminds me to mediate and she does this with me.

I have anxiety which is diagnosed but because not being able to open up and speak about how I feel I’m unable to tell the GP that I am also depressed.

My life is nowhere near as hard as some people have it and I understand that but finding it hard to cope and deal with things and getting angrey over little issues which might just be a pain.

I don’t feel like I have the push to make myself do things anymore like go out for walks or maybe do something random and fun like maybe go to the local because I would rather just stay home and watch people on YouTube and twitch,

I guess it’s because it’s easier to watch people have fun and play with friends rather than doing it myself I don’t know

But I will try not to ramble on for much longer but I will be updating this with what I do in a day to maybe motivate myself and maybe help myself mentally

Im not too sure if there is a way for you to send a message in or anything but I guess I will figure it out

Thank you will keep you updated,

Have fun!